Friday, October 10, 2008

Parent's Weekend at Miami of Ohio

Ah, home sweet home. I think we got the last available room in all of Oxford, Ohio for Miami University's parents' weekend. This 150-year old farmhouse has one room they open for guests. This is our patio and entrance.
These are the chickens and hens who were roaming freely on the grounds and around our rental car. Very country don't you think? But the owners made homemade waffles, with warm homemade syrup and fresh fruit and eggs from the chickens. Breakfast was absolutely delicious.
The yellow house on the right is where my son and his roommates live. It's a really charming house with a very scary basement where the washer and dryer are housed. Right next door is the Obama headquarters. A diligent volunteer is entering on a beautiful Saturday morning. Jonathan and his buddies had a huge sign attached to their porch when we arrived on Friday night that said, "Ohio is for John McCain". As you can see by Saturday morning, it was stolen. Hmmm.
But, I don't think this lady volunteer took it (she's too short).
Saturday morning begins with the financial/budget talk. JB couldn't be more thrilled to hear our thoughts on how he should save his money and handle his loan. This is one of those cool college coffee bars that makes the best Snickers Iced Coffee drink ever.

Back at the house Nancy is busy frosting yummy cookies in the shape of an "M". Taylor watched and I think he was the official "taste tester", too.

The tailgate parties and the football game is always one of the highlights for most college's parents' weekends. We had a warm, sunny day so my turtleneck top needed to be replaced with a new Miami University t-shirt. The college bookstores make a killing on the parents!

We tailgated for hours with P.V.O. (who I've been calling Tivo since I met him last year) and our friends. The car was loaded up with Costco food and we ate and drank for hours.

Now, Miami no longer has star football players like Ben Roethlisberger and they really only had one quarter of good football. The band, however, was excellent. Still, it's not a good idea to listen to your son and friend laugh out loud as a flag girl drops her flag and then proceeds to be two beats behind the other girls.

Did you know you cannot leave the car doors open and have the music playing for hours or else the battery dies?

Poor Taylor's in the dog house. Luckily, Joe Trucker Man comes to the rescue and Bill assists him and gets the car started!

Nancy offers our hero her famous "M" cookies and he leaves the party happy.

After a fantastic Italian dinner at Paesano's, we head home for some serious beer pong on the patio. (I thought it was just a bad ping pong table and had offered to go buy a decent net and paddles, which brought all the kids to their knees laughing). Here are the winners but I hear, "rematch at graduation", don't you? J.B.'s good friend, Sarah, and the most adorable Freshman girls joined us in the late night fun. They made me think about my Freshman daughter.

A perfect parent's weekend with our kids and I'm ready to head home to the empty nest for a little rest.


June said...

Beer pong - I heard the kids do the pong with vodka shots now. Doesn't that sound awful? Sounds like you had a great weekend in Oxford - now onto Dickinson!

June said...

I still think you need to g1o on... Dickinson is going to have a great parents weekend. Any suggestions!!!Calling all Dickinson Parents or Alums!

Julie!! said...

Parents weekend is my favorite weekend in the whole entire year... it is always so much fun